A production still from our now classic @cortomoltedo campaign. The man in white is @carlomancuso he has given me the most full belly laughs I think I’ve ever had in my life, great guy, great actor! Credit goes to Corto for finding him in the Padua night clubs. Anyway I just discovered he is on here so had give shout. Check his IG it’s for real!

Years ago at a merry-go-round in Barcelona. I always thought the picture was garbage, but found myself staring at it again this morning. I guess this image really reflected my emotional state at the time, being alone in a new place, and the chemistry of the film captured it in a burnt chaos that I now find sort of beautiful…

I directed a series of comedy shorts with Marina Abramovic which are finally finished ~ Here we see a man learning the art of eating alone ~ Look for them at the MOMA this Xmas

there’s a time to go out and there’s a time to stay in

I have ditched traditional… That is true.

@nowness has discovered @dukesofchutney Domino EP Woah! … The site got a revamp and works a little better on my phone so now I can watch videos while riding my bike to get coffee…watch out for me

Would you buy a car from these men?

I made a new 16mm film with a few friends that is premiering Sunday night at Eldridge Theaters. I remember saying 7 years ago that I had just made probably the last Bolex film I’d ever make, as I found myself transitioning into digital, but I’m happy to see I was wrong… Thx to everyone who lent their sweet spirits to this one!

In studio with Marina Abramovic today learning a new dirty joke as usual 🍓

Super honored to be featured on Mobile Photo Review! Photography is changing so quickly but thankfully for the medium there is @perryshimon to survey the land. Perry is a brilliant photographer himself and I would not be surprised if he ends up owning his own museum at some point. Check out his snaps as well as the other greats featured on MPR www.mobilephotoreview.com (at mobilephotoreview.com)

The new surf movie @strangerumblings is now available on iTunes. It was epic to shoot surfing in 16mm again in Iceland of all places not mention with an incredibly talented crew of gentlemen ~ @dukesofchutney lent hands to the soundtrack as well ~ #valborg 💞 #hotdogs What more could you want? (at Iceland)